Looking for a beautiful new building Samara

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Last year I made the “top” the ugliest new building in the historic city of Samara. Subject turned resonance. “First place” I left empty, but most woo back the building of the railway station. In vain, I kazhetsya.Za elapsed since the topic time in the city have been discovered even more ugly buildings, but now it goes to etom. Togda I promised to do the same rating, but beautiful buildings of Samara. Honestly every day walking around the city. Looked into every doorway. Iskal. Ochen are hard to find, as in Samara 95% of new buildings is a miserable, sad, ugly shit. And all the same. Some managed to find. While this is only the top candidates in the most beautiful Samara novstroek. Hotelos to hear from residents of Samara, and guests of our city. Promote your varianty.Kriterii: 1. The geographical position in the square st. Field – Volga River – Ventseka Street – the street Sportivnaya.2. Buildings 15 years. Three. Do not take into account the unfinished buildings, renovated homes and places of worship (church).4. Buildings that have a positive impact on the perception of the city or area in tselom.5. Buildings that are not disfigured historical panorama of the city (for example, the view from the Volga River).6. The buildings in harmony with the surrounding arhitekturoy.7. Buildings that are memorable izyuminku.Vyberem, so to speak, dostoynyh. Esche it would be cool if anyone knows the exact year of construction of masterpieces and authors-arhitektorov. Nemnogo more about that topic: building on Leningrad, Gorky. Successfully blended into the architecture of the late 19th – early 20th century and in the Stalin project. It does not cause nausea, and some guests of the city seems to be “old.” That’s the highlight of the building. “Spire.” Maybe it’s an impromptu guest workers from Bukhara and Samarkand, but in any case – good item zdaniya. Nenavyazchivoe building at the intersection of ul. Bitter and Nekrasovskaya. There is a wonderful gallery of “Victoria.” Building a harmonious fit into the company stalinok, and right there is the building of the late 19th century. You can see it here. There is a hint of modern. Kompleks of 2 buildings at the intersection of ul. Vilonovskoy and Samara. Although I am not a fan of glass-tile-metallic trash, but here are the buildings like their rounded and well-planned location at the junction of the Samara territoriey.Zdanie-Vilonovskoy. Very good new building, in my opinion. Resonates with the Philharmonic, which Samarski. Smotrite mod for cool staircase from the street. Vilonovskoy! The building stands out against the backdrop of a newly zhesti.So ul. Samarskoy modest side, and all zhe. Klyuchevoy item is the next attempt to remake in the style of wooden architecture. The attempt failed (where the thread?), And the idea horoshaya. Zdanie “The Fly” next to the Drama. In the particular representation is not needed. More information about this home can be found zdes. Fotografii is in the best quality and with reference to the map so that’s modestly zdesVot happened to me.

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